Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moment of Nerdiness (Classics Style)

At the moment I'm off school for mock exam week (even though we aren't meant to call them mocks anymore). Pretty much all of New Zealand is doing it right now. Basically, it's a whole week for practice exams, the grades of which will be counted if we get hit by a bus and miss the final exam at the end of the year ...
Seriously, one year a girl missed an exam because she hit a cow on the way to school. Crazy.
Now, I don't know about the rest of the world - do you guys do mocks like this?
Anyway, today I had my second exam (and my absolute favourite) Classical Studies.

It's basically a whole lot of writing about a bunch of dead people, an old book and some really old art. But I love it!
I'm feeling really happy at the moment, because my favourite vase of all time (pictured above) came up today, and I got to write pages and pages on it. It meant I could put off writing a horrible essay for an extra half hour. Win!
Essentially I'm using this as an excuse to show you guys this pretty vase ... it's got flanged handles *squeal*
So if you are terribly bored at this moment, forgive me my moment of nerdiness :)
Love, Hilary xxx

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